Embroidery Designs 10 , 82198 Stitches

embroidery design goe10
embroidery design 10

 This is an example of a picture that I made embroidery,
see above portrait clothes.
to design properties 10 see below.

Koko Embroidery Designs goe10 Stitches
koko embroidery design 10

properties goe10
design properties 10

Embroidery design name :10
Embroidery Stitches : 82198
Embroidery Colors : 1
Embroidery Color changes : 0
Embroidery Stopes : 1
Embroidery Machine: Tajima
Embroidery Trims : 5
Objects :873
Maximum stitch Length : 8.6 mm
Minimum stitch Length:0.5 mm
Jump Length :6.8 mm
Total Thread :1141.73 ft
Total Bobbin : 356.58 ft
 Information :    This design can run on all kinds of computerized embroiderymachines.
   I created this design with the format "DST". (I use a brand of embroidery machine "YAMATA").
   You can re-edit the DST format on your computer or laptop, which is already installed "Wilcom-ES65-designer".
   You can customize or add the appropriate format to the embroidery machine that you will use to sew the design.
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print goe10
print preeview 10

Now I have finished making the image name 10

maybe so first, I worked again for  11

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