Embroidery Designs 01 , 15214 Stitches

Hallo Embroidery lover ....
I worked as a model maker uses embroidery software Wilcom-ES-65-DESIGNER, now I wear Wilcom v9, this time I want to share models of embroidery that I made and I named 01 with design file format "tajima (*. DST)" .

embroidery design goe1
embroidery design 01

 This is an example of a picture that I made embroidery,
see above portrait clothes.
to design properties 01 see below.
embroidery design goe1 small size
embroidery design 01

design properties to goe1
design properties 01

Embroidery design name :01
Embroidery Stitches : 15214
Embroidery Colors : 2
Embroidery Color changes : 1
Embroidery Stopes : 2
Embroidery Machine: Tajima
Embroidery Trims : 3
Objects :719
Maximum stitch Length : 11.7 mm
Minimum stitch Length:0.3 mm
Jump Length :6.2 mm
Total Thread :298.57 ft
Total Bobbin : 117.19 ft
 Information :    This design can run on all kinds of computerized embroiderymachines.
   I created this design with the format "DST". (I use a brand of embroidery machine "YAMATA").
   You can re-edit the DST format on your computer or laptop, which is already installed "Wilcom-ES65-designer".
   You can customize or add the appropriate format to the embroidery machine that you will use to sew the design.
To the color of the thread, you can set up on your embroidery machine,
blue and green colors in the image, it's just an example
 see also :

print preeview goe1 - small size
print preeview 01

Now I have finished making the image name 01
maybe so first, I worked again for 02
Greetings from me: Memet,Ahmad,Feri Ros - goembroidery.blogspot
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